In an article published by Jota, VMCA attorneys talk about Petrobras’ Terms of Cessation of Conduct certified by Cade

Brazil’s competition authority Cade has certified two Terms of Cessation of Conduct (TCC), on June 11 and July 8, related to investigations of anticompetitive conduct by Petrobras in the markets of oil refinery and natural gas. Both TCCs are part of a single movement, based on the Federal Government desire of introducing a bigger number of private agents in the fossil fuels chain.

Due to this common goal, the documents seem, on the surface, very similar, reflecting a single competition policy for both oil and gas markets.

In VMCA’s column published by Jota, Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, Henrique Felix and Marco Micheli discuss the differences in the deals as well as the possible results for the productive chain of oil and gas.

Full article available here.