VMCA partners speak at a competition law, consumer protection and digital economy seminar

VMCA partners Vinicius Marques de Carvalho and Marcela Mattiuzzo spoke on December 18th at the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Defense (IDEC)’s seminar Competition law, consumer protection and digital economy: What are the spaces and opportunities for civil society organizations?. 

The event took place in São Paulo and aimed, among other subjects, to discuss the civil society organizations role in relation to competition law issues.

According to Vinicius, civil society groups should direct complaints to the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) when they see anticompetitive conduct. They should also ask to participate as interested third parties in merger reviews and ongoing probes, he said.

Vinicius also said that, when submitting documents to CADE, groups should always be clear in explaining the competition issues they see in the case: “looking at data, for example, a company holding a vast amount of data isn’t a problem by itself. You must have an argument for why this situation is a problem from an antitrust perspective”.

The seminar’s full programme is available here.