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Abusive prices as anti-competitive conduct

In an article published by Conjur, our partner Eduardo Frade and our lawyer Anna Binotto discuss the relationship between abusive prices and antitrust agencies, considering the recent decision of the European Commission [+]

VMCA has two new partners in the area of impact investing and third sector

Iberian Lawyer wrote about the arrival of two new partners to VMCA: Aline Viotto and Flávio Marques Prol. Both come to join the Impact Business and Third Sector area (NITS) of the firm, opened [+]

Brazil’s New Bidding Law: what changes for competition defense?

In an article published in the Frontiers of Competition and Regulation column in JOTA, our partner Ticiana Lima and our lawyer Jéssica Coelho Costa debate Brazil’s New Bidding Law and its impacts [+]