March 2022

In this month’s newsletter: Brazilian competition authority (‘CADE’) to suspend exclusivity contracts on wellness platforms market CADE’s Tribunal discusses consortium as an anticompetitive practice DPA issues new rules for small [+]

January 2022

In this month’s newsletter: What to expect from CADE in 2022 – Perspectives from the Brazilian competition authority CADE published an English version of its Guidelines on “Parameters for submitting [+]

March 2021

In this month’s newsletter: Cade’s Tribunal discusses the current understanding on sanctioning of non-manager individuals for anticompetitive violations Cade’s Commissioner defends nullity of leniency agreement due to alleged coercion of [+]

December 2020

In this month’s newsletter: OECD publishes document on Digital Transformation in Brazil CADE discusses standard of proof for conviction of cartels based on indirect evidence Brazilian Anticartel Week addresses the [+]

October 2020

In this month’s newsletter: Brazilian House of Representatives approves draft of New Gas Act CADE clears acquisition of Zap Imóveis by OLX Brazilian General Data Protection Law comes into force

September 2020

In this month’s newsletter: The Brazilian General Data Protection Law will soon be in force CADE’s Department of Economic Studies launches study on competition in digital markets Cade applies a [+]

August 2020

In this month’s newsletter: CADE submits to Public Consultation a draft of its Guidelines for Setting of Cartel Fines CADE publishes informative note on the collaboration among companies to face [+]

May 2020

In this month’s newsletter: CADE’s recent decision shifts authority’s opinion concerning the composition of economic groups for companies with dispersed shareholders European Commission publishes temporary framework on cooperation among competitors [+]

February 2020

In this month’s newsletter: New cartel screening tool may enhance investigations by CADE Senacon intensifies its work on personal data protection investigations CADE’s analysis influence CVM debate regarding competition in [+]

November 2019

In this month’s newsletter: Bill seeks to postpone the effectiveness of the Brazilian General Data Protection Act CADE’s General Superintendence recommends closing investigation on access to competitive information in the [+]

October 2019 Edition

In this edition of our newsletter, we discuss the approval of the new CADE nominees by the Senate and the reinstation of the Tribunal’s minimum quorum; the clearance, by the [+]