August 2019 Edition

In this edition of our newsletter, we discuss the conviction of companies for bid rigging in train and subway markets; the agreement signed by CADE and Petrobras to open the Brazilian natural gas market; CADE’s new resolutions, which seek more transparency and standardization; the uncertainty over CADE’s nominees; and the approval with vetoes, by the Presidency, of Law that creates the National Data Protection Authority.


July 2019 Edition

In this edition of our newsletter, we discuss the three investigations against Google dismissed by Cade in the past weeks, the agreement signed by the Brazilian antitrust authority and Petrobras to open the refining market, and the moment of regulatory turmoil in the Brazilian financial sector.

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June 2019 Edition

In this edition of our newsletter, we discuss the Declaration of the Rights of Economic Freedom, recently issued by the Brazilian President; the decision, by the Supreme Federal Court, that declared the unconstitutionality of municipal bans on the operation of individual transport apps; the two new Commissioners nominated by the Presidency to fill upcoming vacancies at CADE’s Tribunal; and also the approval, by the National Congress, of the executive order which creates the National Data Protection Authority.

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May 2019 Edition

In the latest edition of our newsletter, we discuss the dismissal, by CADE’s Tribunal, of the General Superintendence recommendation to convict fuel distributors for a hub and spoke cartel, accepting influence to cartelize charge instead; the taking off of the Brazilian aviation market, which involves the acquisition of Avianca’s assets after its bankruptcy and a draft bill allowing Brazilian airlines to be 100% foreign owned currently being discussed by Brazil’s Congress; and recent progress regarding the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD).

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April 2019 Edition

In this edition of our newsletter we discuss the release, by CADE, of the OECD peer review report of Brazilian competition policy, the clearance, by the Brazilian antitrust authority, of the Disney/Fox merger and of the acquisition of All Chemistry do Brasil by its rival SM Empreendimentos (Fagron), both deals with remedies, and also the first hub and spoke cartel sentenced by Chile’s competition authority.

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February 2019 Edition

Check out our newsletter to more information regarding CADE’s 2018 activities report and acceptance to the OECD Competition Committee, the authority’s movement forward in the debate about cartel fines and the closing of a bid-rigging probe in the market for prison-food, in which the antitrust authority debated the connection between corruption and anticompetitive practices. We also discuss the opening, by Brazil’s telecom Regulator, of the debate about the Brazilian regulatory supervisory models.

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